Dating A Woman with Kids? Let’s Do it Right Bro

You should be proud of yourself because you’re dating a woman with kids. I said so not because you’re doing her a favour but because it’s a good feeling when you love someone unconditionally. 

Dating a Woman with Kids

Now that you love such a woman, let’s see how we can do it right. 

5 Most Important Questions You Should Ask Before Dating A Woman with Kids

Okay, I’m going to list some questions that you may have not thought of so far. If these questions won’t be addressed as soon as possible, your relationship might even end up with a breakup that would hurt her, her kids, and you. 

Also remember this – throughout this question playing games, make sure to let her ask questions too. You shouldn’t act like an interrogative officer. 

So here we go! 

1. Can I Ask Some Questions About Your Present & Past? 

Some women may turn out to be straight honest with you while others may beat around the bush. 

Whether she likes it or not, you have to carefully get her permission to ask the questions I’m going to tell you.

If she resists, tell her that this can help us know each other. Or go like a victim, saying something like this: 

I’ve had a past too. So I don’t want to repeat the mistakes I made. I’m sure neither you do, right?  (with a giggle) 

Even if you didn’t have any past, just make something up to know her from the inside. 

I know lying is not a good thing but for the sake of your time as well as mental health, you have to do it. 

But yeah, if she doesn’t resist at all, you can ask her these questions right away. 

2. Can We Have Our Own Kids? 

Some men want kids of their own and some don’t. From where I stand, I don’t know which one you are. 

To avoid any future troubles with your partner, it would be great to ask about this beforehand.

I know it’s a bit not right to ask but this is something that might save a lot of time for both of you.

3. How Many Kids Do You Have and What Are Their Names? 

She might probably reply like – I’ve two kids and their names are suzy and jennie. Although asking names doesn’t make sense here, there’s a catch. 

4. What Happened to Suzy and Jennie’s Father? 

There you go, that’s why I told you to ask her the names of her kids. Now you can ask softly like this: 

If you don’t mind, would you tell me what happened to Suzy and Jennie’s father?

5. What Kind of Man Would You Love? 

Fulfilling expectations becomes easy when you know what she wants. So to ask this question, you may go like this: 

Before we commit to each other, I want to know what you prefer in your guy. You know, I don’t really like to piss off a cool woman like you. 

With those phrases, you have a romantic punchline. Let her absorb and think about it and she will tell you after an awkward silence. 

3 Major Problems Men Face While Dating a Woman with Kids – A Solution is Given for Each! 

Dating a woman with kids is really different from dating an absolute single woman. From here, I’ll list all the problems along with a solution so that you can have a perfect harmony with your partner. 

1. Her Kids Can Turn Your World Upside Down

Okay, this is a bit bitter but definitely true. Her kids might like you or you may not like her kids. 

Along with this, you should be aware of the fact that most women love their kids more than anything in the world. If her kid is happy because of you, you can win her heart easily. 

How to Get My Girlfriend’s Kid to Like Me? 

Yes, you should ask yourself the same question. If you do something that might make her kid sad, she won’t forgive you for a long time. And yes, this applies even when you’re not wrong. 

Every kid in this world has a different trait. While dating a woman with kids, you have to study that offspring. 

Once you get what he or she likes or not, you can fulfill those demands and be the hero. 

2. She Got A Past Bro 

A woman can’t have kids without having an ex. If you’re thinking about those scientific ways of having a baby, well forget about it because that’s rare! 

Coming back to the past, know this – her past traumas might come in your life as well. So she may show abnormal behaviour because being with you might trigger her memories. 

What to Do When A Woman Talks About Her Ex? 

A woman tells you about her ex because she wants to be open. And after all, that’s what a relationship is about. In such cases, it would be great to act like a normal human being for yourself as well as her ex. 

Pampering is good but to a certain limit. If you think about pampering her all the time, that might boost her ego to an extent where you won’t be able to have enough value for yourself. Sorry for sounding harsh bro but this is a fact. 

So know where you stand and where she does. If you have a past, you might also tell her about your ex. If she acts cool just like you did at some point, then you two are on the same page. 

Tip: If a woman insults you for acting normal or telling you about your own ex, you shouldn’t be with her in the first place. 

3. Always Have Patience While Dating A Woman with Kids

A woman with kids might come with problems that even I’m not aware of. From her ex to kid’s diseases, it could be anything. 

Not only this, she might even have mood swings because of the emotion packed journey she is going through. In fact, she may even end up hurting you. 

So What to Do When Your Woman is Mad at you? 

Just like kids, every woman has her own personality. If she ever gets mad at you, these could be the reasons: 

  • You’re not listening 
  • Not giving her enough space 
  • Trying to get things done too fast 
  • Saying things that might hurt 
  • Or maybe, you’re trying to deal with her ex (I really saw some cases like this) 
  • Going to hard on her kids to teach a fatherly lesson 
  • Breaking promises 
  • And the list goes on… 

Now that you know the common reasons, I’m sure you will work on these. In case these reasons don’t seem to be true for your scenario, there’s nothing wrong with asking her. 

Just make sure when you ask her, she should be in a position to answer you calmly. Otherwise, you two might fight again. 

Is Dating A Woman with Kids A Good Idea? 

As long as you’re not in love with that woman even a bit, it’s not a good idea because there will be a lot of drama coming your way. 

If I were you, I wouldn’t even consider it because I’m the guy who loves peace. 

Know who you are and feel free to date the woman you love, even if she has kids 😉