Dating A Non Virgin Guy – What to Do & What Not?

Dating a non virgin guy is as same as dating a virgin guy. Although it’s a bold statement, I’ve got something to back this up! 

Dating a non virgin guy

Look, whether you do good, or you do bad, society will always say wrong things about you. After all, that’s the way it behaves. 

On the other hand, if you have religious sentimentals, you shouldn’t date, go marry any virgin guy straightaway. 

I’m sorry if I hurt your sentimentals but this is what it is. We’re living in the 21st century and those religious books were too old to be followed. 

Time changes! 

If you agree with me, keep reading and find out what to do and what not while dating a guy that’s not a virgin. 

What to Do While Dating A Non Virgin Guy? 

Know Yourself First Before Knowing Any Non Virgin Man

As far as I know, there are 3 types of women: 

  1. Emotional + True Lovers + God Believer 
  2. Emotional + True Lovers
  3. Who just want to have fun

If you’re in the 1st and 2nd category, I’d recommend you to cross verify your non virgin guy. 

If he turns out to be a guy who hooks up with every 3rd girl, you might want to stay away from such a person. 

In addition, you should ask the guy if he is still in touch with the girl he used to be with. If he says yes, stay away from him because that might hurt you. 

And if you’re not an atheist, you can’t afford to have someone like that in your life.  But yes, God always give a second chance and that could be you.

Anyway, it’s your call as I don’t have much knowledge about religious stuff and I don’t like to speak about it.

In case you fall in the 3rd category, you don’t have to worry about anything. After all, you two are in for the fun, right? 

Leave the Past Behind 

The guy you’re about to date had his past relationship. However, that doesn’t prove he is still in a relationship. 

We all have done some mistakes in the past, and even you yourself did. 

So to keep with this guy, you have to accept his past and move forward. 

If you think that his past will always haunt you down, you have to cut ties before hurting him or yourself. 

Non Virgin Guys Are As Human As You Are 

Alright, he had an intimate relationship with someone else, and that’s absolutely normal. 

Remember: A non virgin man is as human as you’re. Don’t see him as another breed. 

As a matter of fact, you yourself are going to have an intimate relationship with him. At some point, you will become him. 

My point is – give him the respect that a virgin guy deserves. 

What Not to Do While Dating A Non Virgin Guy? 

Don’t Let Your Confidence Go Down

A non virgin guy knows what it is like to be in bed or during intimate situations. 

But remember, not all non virgin guys are pro. Some of them are still noob at managing these things. 

I brought up this point because I’ve seen women who let their confidence down just because they’re with someone non virgin. 

Don’t Hold Things Back 

Holding things back is like holding a burning coal. Whether you believe it or not, it would be the toxicity of your relationship. 

Before committing to the other person, you can talk about all the things that you have in your mind. 

To get started, you may ask about his past relationship, where that girl is, for how long they were together, and anything else that you have in your mind. 

You know what to ask better than I do. 

Don’t Be Proud of Yourself for Being A Virgin 

Never ever think that you’re superior just because you’re a virgin and your guy is not. 

To have a healthy relationship, you have to give your guy equal respect. 

And as I’ve said earlier, you will be a non virgin too at some point. 

By the way, this thing doesn’t only apply to virginity, it goes for things like his social status, career, height, weight, etc. 

If he is going to be your partner, you have to accept him the way he is. 

The Bottom Line

In my opinion, dating a non virgin guy could be a roller coaster for your romantic journey. 

It would have both ups as well as downs. 

So, keep a check on the things I’ve told and take care of things right from the beginning, and everything will be alright 😉