Antisocial vs Introvert – Told the Difference in the Simplest Way!

So an antisocial vs introvert war is going on in your head? Are you trying to find out the difference for yourself or your friend? 

Anyway, I can feel you because it’s tough to differentiate between both in the 21st century. 

Just like you, I felt like researching it and came up with this… 

Before You Read Further, Read This: 

I wrote this post based on personal observation and research, I’m not a psychologist, I’m just a thinker and writer who wants to share his theories with the world. So if this post hurts your sentiment in any way, I’m really sorry.

Antisocial vs Introvert – Try to Understand Each One by One

What is Antisocial? 

An antisocial person is someone who doesn’t enjoy the normal way of getting in touch with people. 

If a cat likes to eat mice, we think it’s unpleasant, right? 

Antisocial vs Introvert what is the difference

The same way antisocial people think. 

According to them, everything that society does is against their general way. 

For example, a woman only talks to those who speak soft and less than usual. 

Basically, we can say their general way of socializing with the world is different. 

Threatening, hostility, antagonistic, disrespecting, and anything that turns out negative is what describes an antisocial. 

What is Introvert? 

An introvert is someone who has more tolerance than an antisocial person. 

Although these people are also picky about the people they talk to, they fall on a positive side. 

Antisocial vs Introvert what makes them different?

In case they don’t like someone, they don’t disrespect or show antagonistic behaviour. 

In fact, their way of socializing is gentle, quiet, and to the point. In some situations, you might find them having a little bit of shyness as well. 

We can say introverts are more of an inner type of people. 

They surround themselves with their own thoughts and ideas. 

They live in a world that others can rarely see. 

But yes, they don’t mind connecting with people.

They connect with those people whom they get a vibe with. And at some point, they stop talking when they feel exhausted. 

The only reason they don’t connect much is because they are facing some sort of fear. 

Antisocial vs Introvert – What’s the Difference?

Although we’ve seen a bit of a difference while having an understanding of both, let me just draw a few lines. 

This way you can understand what makes them really really different. 

  • An introvert doesn’t mind socializing but antisocial are just like their name – anti with social 
  • Antisocials don’t talk to others by choice but introverts are shy and they need more time to open up
  • Introverts find it tough to talk but antisocials can manipulate, shout, and do all sorts of crazy things for what they want 
  • An introvert is normal and an antisocial can sometimes even be compared to psychopaths 
  • An antisocial can go in a crowd but an introvert would think twice before doing so 
  • An introvert may have good friends but an antisocial is less likely to have such 

Is An Introvert Better Than Antisocial? 

As far as I know, you must have thought whether an introvert is better than an antisocial. 

Well, I would say an introvert is really better than an introvert because they don’t have any psychological problems. 

Being an introvert is also a gift because such people can achieve greater heights. 

There’s a saying, work in silence and let your success make the noise. 

Yes, that saying applies here perfectly. 

What to do If You’re An Introvert? 

Don’t try to change yourself, I think you’re good just the way you’re and people like you can make this world a better place. 

All I would say for you is – just follow your heart. 

If you ever feel like being left, you may try to make such friends that might make your world a better place. 

If not, just stay alone and keep working on your goals. 

Remember, cook noise being solo hahaha! 

What to Do if You’re Antisocial? 

If somehow you found that you’re antisocial, it’s not much of a big problem.

Sometimes, people grow up in such circumstances that mold them the way they’re. 

So don’t lose hope and try this: 

  1. Take good care of yourself. Because, to love others, you have to love yourself first. 
  1. Seek professional help from a counsellor. Believe it or not, getting a mentor is the best thing that can ever happen to you. 
  1. Start accepting others and their behaviour. Keep practicing and you will get better one day. (practice makes a person perfect) 
  1. Have patience because it takes some time to break that years of pattern that your mind has developed over the years.