How Did Jeffrey Epstein Make His Money? – Let’s Find Out

If I had more than $500 million, I would have never considered taking my own life.

Yes, that’s what I thought while wondering how did Jeffrey Epstein make his money.

But then I thought…

How Did Jeffrey Epstein Make His Money?

Money is not everything and sometimes life comes at a point where you can’t tolerate it anymore, no matter how hard you try. 

Or maybe, Jeffrey’s death was a homicide. He was known for being a financier and sex offender. Perhaps, karma finally got him. 

Or no, maybe he ran away away evading everyone.

Anyways, we’re here to discuss how did Jeffrey Epstien make his money. So without any further ado, let’s talk about that. 

How Jeffrey Epstein Made His Money from His Firm?  

Jeffrey had an international firm known as Intercontinental Assets Group Inc. It was a consultation firm where he used to help people get their money back from fraud brokers and lawyers. 

Sometimes, I wonder how a bad personality like him can pull something like this off in the past. But again, I think that he did all of these things to prepare himself. 

Going after these fraudsters, he must have learned their tricks and loopholes, which later on helped him in his shady businesses. 

How Blackmailing People Make Jeffrey Money?

We all know that Jeffrey was connected to human sex trafficking. What we don’t know is the fact that he forced underage girls to have sex with Prince Andrew. 

Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew

Just like Prince Andrew’s story, there were many powerful friends and teenage girls. 

He used to force those girls to have sex with these elite members. And once that’s done, he used to blackmail using the video tapes and information he was able to collect. 

You may not know this but he saved a lot on tax doing this. After all, powerful friends can do anything for him and that’s how did Jeffrey Epstein make his money.

How Epstein Leveraged Ponzi Schemes?  

Have you ever been around those ads that promise you to give you a lot of money in less time? Yes, that’s what Jeffrey was into!  

There are many sources that reveal how did Jeffrey Epstein make his money with Ponzi schemes. 

One of those was linked to his former employer, Steven Hoffenberg. If we talk about one of the biggest Ponzi schemes, the list would be incomplete without his name in it. 

When Steven and Jeffrey were working together, Jeffrey’s payout was around $25K per month. 

Although Jeffrey left Towers Financial (an investing company of Steven) before the case, there were no signs that could show how Jeffrey pulled it off. 

However, Steven himself reported how did Jeffrey Epstein make his money with Ponzi schemes. 

How Offshore Parking of Money Made Jeffrey Rich?

Although we just talked about this, let’s just talk again because this might hit differently. 

As we know, Jeffrey had powerful friends who would do anything for him because of blackmailing. 

But, the surprising thing is – Jeffrey didn’t only hide money in the US, he also tried to get his money off the state. 

If you’re into finance, you must be able to differentiate between evading and saving tax. Apart from this, he made many shell companies. 

When it comes to taxation, evading is like paying $0 to the government. On the other hand, saving it is like cutting down the tax. 

Jeffrey Epstein didn’t only save tax, he also evaded it. 

Was Jeffrey Epstien Really A Billionaire? 

Some people think that Jeffrey Epstein is really a billionaire, still alive, and living on some sort of island, and that includes me as well. 

As far as I know, a guy like him can really pull off things that are beyond the average thinking of a human being. Even though he is a bad guy, I must admit he was smart. 

However, Forbes claims that Jeffrey Epstein is not a billionaire, he owned a fraction of it.

So both stories can be true, what are your thoughts on Jeffrey Epstein? Do you think he is still living?